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FETISH SPOTLIGHT: FURRIES. A lot of people have at least been aware of “furries”.

Faux fur, big ears, cartoonish eyes—to some this might appear to be the aisle of the doll shop. But to other people, it is their community. And them, there are plenty of furries out there though you may not see.

As a subculture, it has acquired a reputation that is colorful the years. Maybe someone that is you’re only really is aware of it from this one bout of CSI, but you there’s much more to your furry community than fulfills a person’s eye.

So let’s go into it.


To begin with, we need to preface: only a few furries are furry fetishists. In reality, it is just a small handful that are.

In accordance with the community, a lot of its people are involved with it for “the fandom”. Put simply, they simply benefit from the costumes, the art, and dealing with a persona that is different from who they really are in everyday life. The furry subculture is hugely “misunderstood” by a lot of the mainstream public due to this.

However with that stated, there is certainly a side that is fetishized of; to ensure that’s primarily just what we’re diving into today:

The furry fetish, in summary, identifies having an interest that is sexual anthropomorphic animals. Continue reading