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Chicago Reader Is ear intercourse actually a thing?

Plus: further fetishes

January 18, 2017

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  • Metro Creative
  • “Dicks do not easily fit in ear canals, and blasting semen into another person’s ear might lead to a nasty ear illness. “

Q: About this past year, I became pretending to learn my boyfriend’s brain and jokingly stated, “You need to place it in my own ear. ” ever since then, i’ve seen references to ear sex (aural sex? ) every-where! There is also any occasion (go into the Ear Day, on December 8), and I had been reading a guide at the moment where the writer mentions simply how much she hates getting may be found in her ear. Therefore I do have two questions while I am honestly not trying to yuck someone’s yum. First, is this a really thing? And 2nd, how exactly does it work? I am talking about, i prefer it when my boyfriend kisses my ears, but I do not think We’d get that hot from him placing his penis here. It just seems loud. Is it possible to enlighten me personally? —An Understanding Requested About Audience

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