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Smoking Fetish + Join Group


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Me Personally – An Addicted Smoking Child

For many strange explanation, I happened to be attracted to the sight of a female lighting up and smo.

Smoking movie

We have uploaded a cigarette smoking movie of myself if you wish to possess an appearance usage t.

CD/Sissy Trying To Become Entirely Smoking Addicted Sissy

How do I many effortlessly make this happen. Have already been smoking just 2-3 ciggies any.

Femme Smoking Sissies?

Anyone into pretty, passable crossdressers?? I love to emulate a Bawdy, glamoro.

Torn involving the Fetish/Addiction combo + planning to stop.

Has virtually any cigarette cigarette cigarette smokers right here felt conflicted about their cigarette smoking practice? Basicall.

Searching for Insightful and Imaginative Cigarette Smokers

Could you communicate your thinking and emotions regarding the cigarette cigarette cigarette smoking fetish along with your s.

Heat & Smoking

Within my week that is first as 8 yr old being truly cigarette smoker, there have been a lot of amounts.

Rebreathing kissing when smoking

We’d enjoy someone that is meeting the Portland, OR /Vancouver, WA area that will lik.

Smoking Survey!

Hey guys and gals. Only a brief study to see just what type of a cigarette cigarette cigarette smoker everyone else. Continue reading