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Personal: Increase friendship, drunk-level and romance of figures

Command: social ‘target person’ player ‘number’ relationship include

Instance: social leah player 100 relationship add = increase love with Leah by 100

Feasible values for forth term: good and negative figures, are priced between -30 to +30 (? )

Funny Cheats

Bodyparts: replace the size of specific parts of the body

Command: bodypart ‘respective human anatomy component’ ‘target person’ ‘value’

Example: bodypart tits Brittney 0.75 = result in the breasts of Brittney smaller by 25%

Possible values for 2nd term: breasts, mind, penis, fingers, butt, legs

Feasible values for 4th term: any value between 0.1 and 10

Note: the order that is exact of four terms appear to be adjustable, just be sure you’ve got these terms incorporated into any series

Drunk: ways to get yourself

Demand: social player drunk add ‘number’

Feasible Values for 4th term between 0 and 10 or 100

Clear: Empty your demand history

Simply key in “clear”; for overview purposes.

Clothing: eliminate clothing associated with the figures

Command: clothing ‘character name’ ‘cloth’ ‘on or off’

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