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55 Erotic Sex Tales. Copyright 2012 by Kiara Keeley, Kelly Sanders & Conner Hayden

55 Erotic Sex Tales

Kiara Keeley, Kelly Sanders & Conner Hayden

Copyright 2012 by Kiara Keeley, Kelly Sanders & Conner Hayden

All legal rights reserved.

No section of this book might be copied, reproduced in just about any format, in the slightest, electronic or else, without prior permission through the copyright owner and publisher with this guide.

It is an ongoing work of fiction. All figures, names, places and occasions would be the item associated with writer’s imagination or utilized fictitiously.

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From the time my wedding fell apart, and my bitch of a ex-wife left me for a few hunky trainer, I’ve been a small short-tempered. You notice, we had built a property together and raised a daughter that is beautiful Jess, whom i enjoy above all else on the planet. We’d a house that is gorgeous the suburbs, detailed with a pool and a sizable yard by having a play ground for Jess to amuse by herself. I really couldn’t have expected for a much better house to begin a family group. Then when the aforementioned whore decided to destroy our house, my spirits had been crushed and I also started initially to lash down on every person around me personally. My assistant in the office ended up being the first to ever feel my wrath, for every little thing that went wrong, whether it was her fault or not as I blamed her. She had been forgiving, though, and ignored my raging temper. Then, I began to shout at people so I could make obscene hand gestures at them while I was driving, frequently cursing other motorists and swerving erratically. Continue reading