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Pronunciation /?f?t??/

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1 a kind of libido in which satisfaction is related up to an unusual level to a specific item, product of clothes, area of the human body, etc.

  • ‘a foot fetish’
  • ‘At times, clients visited the groups searching for gratification of particular fetishes like the want to connect to a principal girl or to have general public humiliation or discomfort. ’
  • ‘i possibly couldn’t care less about their consensual, adult intimate fetishes. ’
  • ‘No, we are talking about that twilight realm of strange fetishes and sexual techniques. ’
  • ‘ listed here are responses to the questions you have about attraction, sex, mindcontrol, base fetishes and much more. ’
  • ‘Necrophile attractions – in keeping along with other paraphilic intimate fetishes – have a tendency to manifest young. ’
  • ‘Erogenous areas ought to be distinguished from intimate fetishes. ’
  • ‘In this remake of Frank Capra’s Mr. Deeds visits Town, Adam Sandler’s inheritance includes John Turturro as being a butler having a fetish for males’s legs. ’
  • ‘She quickly learns of an underground culture of intercourse addicts, led by Knoxville, that will take a look at absolutely nothing to satisfy their different intimate dreams and fetishes. Continue reading