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All About Threesome Sex Ideas: Stories, Statistics, Terminology

Talking about threesome and proposing it is a thing not so common. Those wanting to deal with embarrassment and other emotions associated with this delicate subject may use the following ideas to start a dialogue on threesome:

  • The unique language that is used by people who practice 3some.
  • Statistics – the things about threesome that sociologists are interested in.
  • Funny threesome stories – something that participants of the juicy process share.

Threesome terminology

Using slang when talking about sex can make a proposal less straightforward and give you an idea of whether the partner has ever been interested in threesome (so that he is therefore more predisposed to gaining such experience) or if it is a story that is not new to him.

is a set phrase that literally means “life for three”. The term is used to denote a threesome, but bear in mind other possible variants of interpretation in case you want to propose it in French :). Continue reading