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Woman on the web. Guest web log: Why we have actually a cum fetish

We buy into the post along with your remark. Im sitting here searching up semen fetish because i have to understand what i’ve. Everyone loves semen!! I adore it in me personally, within my mouth, on my butt, breast, feet and legs We swollow We spit We suck it right back up ans ingest again. It is loved by me. What exactly is incorrect with me. I came across my love at a very early age but I’m just yet to comprehend just just exactly how really obsessed i’m. Its crazy but I adore semen. I enjoy your penis spitting away its ooze and pulsating to conclusion. I enjoy just just how u need to get rough along with it at the conclusion to pull it on away. I love to view a guy jack himself to satisfaction. If my partner doesnt finish I don’t feel I’ve done my task. I must feel it someway somehow.

I enjoy you and any other woman that wants to ingest my cum

I’d love to screw you the way can a woman nothing like cum I’ve dp girls before and dudes csme on me accidental We liked it I experienced him really We jerked him Off till He csme to my face after and I’ll acknowledge We started My lips and consumed half then sucked thenhead of his cock that night he woke me personally and put their cock within my lips it had been so hot

Nothing much better than cumming inside of the ladies, particularly when this woman is moving away from and she starts to milk the cock when she grips the end and I blow lots inside her, then view it drip away from her and eat her out……

Love your feedback sooo want to chat with you against time and energy to time

TI thought I happened to be the woman that is only this craving. It began immediately after We provided my blow that is first job my very very first boyfriend. We was in fact making down a complete lot in which he ended up being pressuring me personally for intercourse but I became therefore scared of conceiving a child. My friend that is best told me to simply draw him down but additionally told us to maybe maybe not allow him cum in my own lips because it had been disgusting. Continue reading