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10 Most Remarkable Quotes From Netflix’s Bonding

Bonding requires a light-hearted plunge into the latex-filled realm of BDSM with a few infinitely quotable figures.

A sleeper hit series that is entirely bingable in the time it requires you to definitely watch a Marvel film, Bonding has a light-hearted plunge into the latex-filled realm of BDSM. It centers on Tiff, a specialist Dominatrix going to college to be a psychologist, along with her assistant Pete, her friend that is best from senior school whom dreams to be a standup comic. Together, the unlikely duo navigate the complexities of fetishes, dating, work, and life.

The series does a lot of character development in a brief amount of time with each episode having a running time of 15 minutes. Every session Tiff and Pete enter eventually ends up exposing just like much about their powerful because it does about a customer’s kinks. Continue reading