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Individuals relayed discovering about their HIV status to the way they got infected.

Learning about a person’s HIV status

A lot of the individuals (17) self-reported searching for an HIV test as a result of a disease or signs thereof. For some, someone or a kid’s disease (or death in a couple of instances) made them look for an HIV test. One participant tested during maternity. A couple of individuals reported evaluation just because a (male) partner have been unfaithful and also this had resulted in suspicions. Nine individuals stated that that they had been infected through their previous male lovers.

Eight individuals stated that they’d been raped. Three of them desired an HIV test straight following a rape event. The three connected their HIV status that is positive the rape event:

“I happened to be young and there clearly was little we knew. I happened to be 12 yrs. Old in 1994 and I also had been raped by my uncle. (we tested) because I became raped and I also needed to (test). My moms and dads took us to medical center plus the physician stated he’d do all of the tests. (whenever we discovered) I became thinking we happened to be dying. Then again I happened to be a youngster therefore I don’t know…I think I became numb to everything…” Buli, 28 yrs old, Durban

“If only I became perhaps not raped, I would personally never be HIV good… I had lots of anger…” Mapule, 29 yrs old, Johannesburg

“How i acquired infected…I have actually three men. Since I have have always been a lesbian and extremely butch, nearly all of my buddies had been men. As soon as we will be consuming, they might make the most of me… for me personally it absolutely was rape because that’s the way I got my children… ”. Glenda, 37 yrs old, Namibia|They would take advantage of me… For me it was rape because that’s how I got my children… ”. Continue reading