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Dating Over 50? Here’s All You Need To Understand

Here’s the truth that is happy dating over 50: Your long-married peers will likely be envious. Because as of this age, both you and your Gen X/Y cohort could have weathered young ones, monetary reversals, 2nd or 3rd marriages, intimate drought, 3.5 various job paths—in short, lots of challenges. Therefore, while being hunkered down in cohabitational bliss along with your real love is excellent, genuine talk: just how many individuals have you figured out which have that, actually? Here’s to dating just after 50 as being a do-over, a love mulligan with the possible to enrich yourself experience. Getting that happening? We chatted to a sociologist, dating app tech guru, solitary women and men and, yes, a matchmaker about guidelines for dating over 50.

1. Consider What You Prefer

Everyone — dating experts to happily social singles — agrees:

You’re very likely to have a pleasant relationship experience in the event that you invest some time envisioning what you need away from a romantic date. A single Brooklyn guy in a teen son to his mid-50s said he selected just females with young ones to ask away, reasoning that they’d currently had kids and wouldn’t be because anxious to start out a family group as ladies who hadn’t had kids. Continue reading