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I additionally assisted correct several items that Patrick had render guesses at in Suzi’s “Slut List” profile

In addition assisted correct two things that Patrick had render guesses at in Suzi’s “Slut List” profile, and also provided him some more fine points to increase their records, such as for instance Suzi’s proper dimensions, height, weight, and many other intimate information about her he didn’t realize about… and much more information regarding out threesome, such as that Suzi had explained she selected to not ask us to put on condoms that evening, because she wished to feel each of us cum inside her.What Patrick had done to Suzi’s reputation together with his typical bragging wasn’t because bad as exactly what took place as another unexpected result of our adventure. Things got actually embarrassing for Suzi in an exceedingly unexpected method. The buddy we had been housesitting for called me personally a couple of days me he had heard something strange and interesting from his next-door neighbor, and he thought he and I should talk about it after he got back in town, and told.

Our friend’s next-door-neighbor had met Suzi and I also an amount of times and knew whom we had been, in which he was mindful that we’d be watching our friend’s destination for him that week-end. This guy ended up being older, and retired, and had been up later that last night friday.

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