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Exactly How reasons that are many’ Men Hook Up With Dudes

7. Interest

Curiosity not just kills the pet, it is exactly exactly just what gets self-identified “straight” men to fall asleep along with other males. To put it simply, they would like to understand what most of the fuss is approximately, and even though they’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not actually or emotionally interested in other males. They’re also comfortable sufficient within their straightness to understand that into it, they’re not gay or bi if they explore sexually with another man once, and realize they’re not super.

8. Situational circumstances

In places where ladies are scarce, there are lots of “straight” males who sleep with other males. Including all men’s boarding schools, the army, not to mention, prison. (Although in jail, it could usually be non-consensual and a work of physical violence, energy, and dominance. )

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