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Season 5 Joey discovers out whenever he realizes that the 2 took a visit together (“the main one Using The Kips”).

They attempt to keep their relationship key from their other buddies in order to avoid attracting jokes or concerns in the beginning, however they all ultimately discover. They generate him guarantee never to inform anyone, in which he agrees even though maintaining the key puts him in humiliating roles, with Joey just continuing to help keep peaceful after creating tale that embarrasses Monica in exchange. Rachel later overhears a phone discussion amongst the two containing innuendo that is sexual”the main one while using the Resolutions”), although Monica denies this when this woman is confronted by Rachel. (“the main one With Chandler’s Work Laugh”) Rachel chooses to let the 2 think she and Rachel go with Ross to check out Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment and sees Monica and Chandler having sex when she looks out of the window that she does not know until Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler when. Phoebe and Rachel commence to wreak havoc on Monica and Chandler that leads to Chandler saying it slip at Thanksgiving and then denying it) that he loves Monica for the second time (Having previously let. Ross finds out of the same manner within the last scene associated with the episode that is same. (“The Only Where Everyone Discovers”)

The few face brand new challenges with their relationship out in the available.

One other’s teasing about them marriage sparks Chandler’s concern about commitment, resulting in a fight among them. Chandler fundamentally proposes to show he is perhaps not afraid to obtain hitched, but she quickly reassures him that she does not want wedding or children straight away and it is pleased to help him through their relationship problems. (“the main one with all the woman whom Hits Joey”) Later Monica get’s worried that they truly aren’t as all over one another as Phoebe along with her brand new boyfriend Gary, but Chandler reassures her that getting after dark initial phases for the relationship and what is time are presented in the near future is more exciting for him and what they have actually is particularly unique. (“The Only With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss”)

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