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The bisexual individual after dealing with the confusion through the coping mechanisms

The problem to contemplate bisexuality as being an orientation that is sexual in the future through the monosexual framework associated with occidental culture because through the early years we now have built a dichotomic system where you’re male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, rejecting virtually any category which comes to burst the developed framework 16 . In consequence, the bisexual individual, being inside the exact exact same system generally seems to reject for a second his/her bisexuality so that you can are part of a group that is social. In addition, the formerly stated appears to deconstruct the myth surrounding the bisexuality as a bridge that facilitates the recognition with homosexuality simply because accepting oneself as homosexual appears to be less cumbersome due towards the undeniable fact that it isn’t required to combat a dichotomic framework that doesn’t enable a 3rd identification. Continue reading