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Some individuals have hung through to the ‘bi’ and protest that sex is not binary.

Bisexuality does exist. Some people are drawn to individuals aside from gender. Bisexual individuals are available in all walks of society, and all around the world. Lots of urban myths and misconceptions surround it however. Keep reading for a few debunking!

We call this our “Bisexuality FAQ”, you may notice there is perhaps perhaps perhaps not questions that are many it. In reality probably the most commonly expected concerns are “Are you certain?” and “Am I?” nevertheless the answers to those are very quick yes and you let me know it is also correct that a large amount of the list that follows is “Bisexuals are not. ” plus some men and women have expected us “why can not you be much more good and say all of the things that are nice bisexuals are?”. That is difficult when anyone repeat the myth “Bisexuals are Indecisive” they mean “Bisexuals are far more indecisive than many other individuals”. We’re able to counter that by saying “Bisexuals are decisive”, but we do not genuinely believe that we are more decisive than everybody else. All things considered, everyone else utilizes the word ‘tall’ once they list their height (4ft 11in high, for instance), but just individuals taller than average get referred to as “being tall”. Continue reading

7 urban myths about bisexuality you’ll want to stop thinking

Urban myths about those in the community that is bisexual frequently harmful , rooted in stereotypes, and terribly inaccurate. Bisexuality can be misinterpreted, and due to that, people who identify as bisexual can face real-life effects of other people’ lack of knowledge.

As a person who claims this identity, i am an enormous fan of the meaning given by Robyn Ochs in addition to Bisexual site Center: ” here is my present concept of bisexuality : I call myself bisexual because we acknowledge in myself the prospective become drawn, romantically and/or intimately, to individuals of one or more intercourse, not always at precisely the same time, not always in exactly the same way, and never always to your exact same level.”

Listed here is a listing of a few of the most popular urban myths about bisexuality you’ll want to stop thinking.

MYTH: in the event that you identify as bi, you are a cheater.

This really is probably one of the most typical urban myths about bisexuality. It really is most likely that this misconception comes from the theory that bisexual people “can’t make their minds up one of the ways or even one other,” are drawn to anyone and everyone, or simply the over-sexualization for this identification as a whole. Continue reading