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The intimate diversity discovered within the person is an interest that throughout recent years

Keywords: Bisexuality; Bisexual identity; Experiences; Construction of definitions; Qualitative research

The diversity that is sexual into the person is a topic that throughout recent years happens to be more examined in both the positivist and emergent paradigms so that you can produce brand new theoretical views that enable an improved comprehension from it. Regardless of the development associated with the educational research there nevertheless is just a grand theoretical space that limits the eyesight for the peoples sex 1 . One of the most significant reasons that may explain this case could be the focalization of these studies when you look at the heterosexual homosexual dichotomy that enable a binary system helping to make hidden other intimate identities 2 .

As outcome, bisexuality is observed once the amount of heterosexuality and homosexuality. Some theories, like the essentialists, consider that the identity that is bisexual a mask utilized to full cover up the actual homosexual identification, whereas, the people in line with the social constructionism, acknowledge that it’s a genuine identification 3 . In addition, you should emphasize the social environment that is present in Venezuela, where there is certainly a heteronormative tradition, that seeks to put heterosexuality as being a social and ethical ideal to which all of the individuals must wish to arrive whatever the person’s homosexual or bisexual identification 4 .

With this particular article we seek to boost the theoretical worth of the niche, because in contract as to what happens to be examined, the stigmatization regarding the bisexuality, to be considered a sexuality that is“doubtful or perhaps a “transitional sexuality”, continues to be a subject of conversation full of taboos, prejudgments and discrimination 1 . Continue reading