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10 for the best novels set in Germany – which will simply just take you here

Berlin beyond and. Photograph: Scott Wilson/Alamy

The ‘ignominy of unit and joy of reunification’ are merely an element of the journey whenever checking out Germany through its fiction• More in this show: Russia | Greece | France | Spain

G ermany, land of Dichter und Denker (poets and thinkers), has produced a few of the world’s literature that is finest though its literary scene didn’t actually progress through to the eighteenth century with heavyweight numbers such as for example Goethe and Schiller. For contemporary visitors interested in learning the nation, the 150 years after unification in 1871 are of interest that is most. Since becoming a contemporary country state, Germany has seen intense industrialisation, two globe wars, nazism and communism, the ignominy of unit additionally the joy of reunification. With all this history, you can find various Germanys to read through about, and I also have put together this list knowing that. As elsewhere, before the era that is postwar high-profile publications are by white men, however the proportion of female and BAME voices has grown since reunification, and it is mirrored during my more modern alternatives.

Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

Lubeck. Photograph: Alamy

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