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We pegged my boyfriend and today he desires to be ‘the girl’

Kinky intercourse may be wonderful, nonetheless it won’t fix your relationship.

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Q: My boyfriend and I also had been relationship that is having until we attempted one thing brand new: pegging. He desired to check it out, but he had been afraid and quite often stated the concept disgusted him. Then we tried it, and it also had been a lot better than normal vanilla or also kinky bondage intercourse. It absolutely was many sex that is emotionally connected’ve ever endured. We really pegged him 3 x in twenty four hours. He states now he really wants to be “the girl” within our relationship. He does not desire to change to be a lady, but to become more “the girl” intimately and emotionally. We see this as loving and sexy. I have constantly looked after him in a nurturing way, but this adds a lot more. Personally I think bad about giving this long tale simply to ask an easy question, but… How can I become more “the man” for my boyfriend who would like to become more “the girl”? Not merely intimately, however in every day life? Continue reading

I’d intercourse with a guy – am I able to be a lesbian?

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We have for ages been drawn to girls but my moms and dads are homophobic, and so I started heading out with dudes and straight label myself. We still felt thing for girls but hated it and attempted to ignore it. Once I finally had intercourse with a person, i did not want it but believed that was normal. I quickly developed emotions for my female friend that is best, therefore I arrived on the scene as bisexual.

I continued dating guys but my relationship that is longest had been per week because I felt therefore uncomfortable having a boyfriend. I usually saw myself with girls, maybe perhaps maybe not dudes. Simply over an ago, i stopped labelling myself as bi and finally came out as a lesbian year. But many individuals are telling me personally that i can not phone myself lesbian because I experienced intercourse with some guy before. Am I a lesbian?


Will you be a lesbian? Yes. You determine who you really are. It’s not up for any other visitors to debate. Continue reading