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10. ” An African guy is just a sell-off if he marries a woman that is white”

Some African guys keep off to locate love in a race that is different afraid to be mocked. African man, it really is wonderful to commemorate your origins, but incase you discover love in a lady from a significant difference battle, love her. You will never be any less of a African, you will end up a guy in love. Love knows no tribe or competition

11. “An African man should have a big penis”

It is often stereotyped that every African guys have a large penis, placing force and disquiet in African guys with a manhood that is small. African guy, embrace the God that is man-hood has you. During sex, keep in mind pleasing your spouse just isn’t concerning the measurements associated with human body or the organs associated with the human anatomy; but about ability. Bring you “A” game on, you African master

12. “An African guy is certainly not a guy if he’s perhaps perhaps not circumcised”

A person is certainly not defined by whether he has foreskin or otherwise not. He could be defined by their character, their heart, their values, their love, their self- confidence while he’s. Stop arguing and insulting other African guys by having an opinion that is different a tiny an element of the flesh, don’t be petty

13. “An African guy will need to have a son”

African guy, it is perhaps perhaps perhaps not a necessity that your very very first created be described as a son. It is really not a must that a son is had by you. If Jesus provides you with a lady or male kid, end up being the most useful dad irrespective of sex.

14. “An African guy really really loves their daughter less”

This silly idea of African guys loving their daughter significantly less than the son because she will get hitched down to a different family must stop. Continue reading