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Common Creationist Criticisms of Mainstream Dating Techniques

Many creationist criticisms of radiometric relationship could be classified right into a groups that are few. These generally include:

1. Mention of instance where in fact the offered technique did not work

This might be probably the many typical objection of all of the. Creationists point out instances the place where a given method produced an effect this is certainly demonstrably incorrect, after which argue that therefore all such times may be ignored. Such a quarrel fails on two counts:

    First, an example where a way does not work will not mean that it doesn’t ever work. The real question is perhaps maybe maybe not whether you can find “undatable” items, but instead whether or perhaps not all things may not be dated by a provided technique. The fact one wristwatch has neglected to keep time precisely may not be utilized as a reason for discarding all watches.

Exactly how many creationists would start to see the time that is same five various clocks and then please feel free to ignore it? Yet, whenever five radiometric dating practices agree with the chronilogical age of one of many world’s earliest rock formations ( Dalrymple 1986, p. 44 ), it is dismissed with no idea.

  • 2nd, these arguments neglect to deal with the truth that radiometric relationship creates outcomes consistent with “evolutionary” objectives about 95% of that time period (Dalrymple 1992, individual communication). The declare that the techniques create bad outcomes essentially at random will not explain why these “bad outcomes” are therefore regularly in accordance with conventional science. Continue reading