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Sharing StoriesInspiring Change. Who have you been called after?

Make your mother to your family history, your grandmother, as well as your aunts (bring your tape recorder or camcorder! )

  1. Who have always been we known as after? The thing that was they like?
  2. That which was the household you spent my youth in like? Whom lived with you? The thing that was town like? Just just How did you connect with your neighbors that are non-Jewish?
  3. Just exactly What languages were talked in your house? By who? To who? What types of papers and publications do you’ve got at home? Whom read them?
  4. How about your loved ones felt Jewish? How had been your Jewishness expressed?
  5. Just just How do you commemorate holidays that are jewish? United chatstep private message states holidays? Just exactly What unique roles did the ladies in family play in getaway preparations and observance?
  6. Exactly just What unique meals do you keep company with your loved ones and family members parties?

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