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Why the Communist Party Defended the Scottsboro Boys

Whilst the freight train whisked its means throughout the Alabama rails in 1931, nine boys’ life had been changed forever. The facts of their skirmish with a bunch of white guys and two ladies in the train remain confusing. But because of the conclusion of this train ride, nine young men—all African American, all teenagers—were headed toward their death by the unjust, vigilante mob and a appropriate system that didn’t value their lives.

These were the Scottsboro Boys, and their test, death sentences, and dramatic appeals assisted expose the injustice associated with US legal system during the 1930s. But testimony that is false rousing pleas for his or her release weren’t the actual only real drama that surrounded their legal challenge. The Scottsboro situation additionally pitted the NAACP contrary to the Communist Party in a challenge for who does get a grip on the boys’ legal defense—and claim this unusual limelight on battle in the usa.

The men’ situation seemed hopeless. Following the battle regarding the freight train, they certainly were falsely accused of rape by the two white feamales in the team. Continue reading