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I’ve made this joke way too many times currently, i understand, but: deep.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Tim Curry’s selection of swimwear is distinctly bizarre right here: Frank N. Furter wears a corset, high heel pumps, and elaborate arm-warmers while he floats in a pool, singing “Don’t Dream It Be It” to himself before an orgy begins. (Yup, more sex in private pools. )

But there’s something else going on here, too – the band Frank’s drifting in is really a life-buoy having an SS Titanic logo design upon it, which implies Frank’s going to their doom. Additionally, in the bottom associated with the pool that is swimming a reproduction regarding the development of Adam, which will be, clearly, thematically appropriate.

Gremlins (1984)

Everyone else remembers you’re not supposed to feed a Mogwai after midnight, but you’re additionally perhaps maybe maybe not supposed to have them damp. Then when Stripe leaps into a children’s pool, you realize it is bad news.

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Beyond being a big human anatomy of water, I’m perhaps perhaps not certain there’s any biggest importance for this pool, however it does look pretty creepy whenever it begins billowing smoke and radiant green. Continue reading