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Stalking: a program of conduct fond of a person that is specific would cause a fair person to worry

For the man or woman’s own security or the security of other people or would cause that individual to suffer significant psychological stress. A “course of conduct” means a couple of functions for which someone straight, indirectly or through 3rd parties, by any action, technique, device or means, follows, monitors, observes, surveils, threatens or communicates to or around an individual or inhibits a property that is person’s. “Reasonable individual” means a person that is reasonable comparable circumstances along with similar identities towards the complainant. “Substantial emotional distress” means significant psychological suffering or anguish that could, but will not always, need medical or other professional therapy or guidance.

  1. Prohibition on Retaliation

Retaliation against someone who states a prospective breach under this policy, assists somebody with a written report of a breach,

Or participates in almost any way in a study or within the quality of the issue made under this policy is strictly forbidden and won’t be tolerated. Continue reading