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My Son Companion. Before telling my tale i’d like to introduce myself to my dear visitors,

By Nader (Riyadh, SA)

I am Rosemary, i will be 42 yrs old, we reside with my only son in a good apartment, my son George is 18 yrs old, their dad left us as he had been 12 yrs old.

We worked in a lot of places, in a lot of jobs to guide myself and my son, We worked as fashion model, We worked in a club, however when my son reached 18 yrs old I made the decision to take into consideration better task, I happened to be in a position to join a business as a senior assistant for the sales manager.

In this brand new work I happened to be expected to go to conferences with my boss and our consumers, these conferences had been at the office and exterior,

Time some time after working hours, we realized that my employer prefers to see me personally putting on quick dresses in the place of long dresses, he utilized to say “when a lady wears dress that is short can move easily. “

After my man left to reside with an other woman, I made the decision never to trust any guy, we also do not have long haul connection with guys, many asked me for wedding but I happened to be refusing.

No-one can live without intercourse, this can be a well known fact, all men were for short time to my sex relations, we had intercourse with my boss along with other consumers, it started when I went to a company supper in their home, I became putting on a rather short gown showing my milky legs, following the supper my employer asked us to dancing with him. Continue reading