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A Rant Against Trump

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Within the extremely years that are many have now been reading the main, i’ve never ever viewed as lengthy a Razzle Dazzle line given that one in the Oct. 21 problem. It really is a biased rant that is left-liberal Donald Trump, making numerous allegations, many of them false.

The insults about their character are meaningless as to their skills for President vs. Hillary Clinton. She has loads of character defects also. The key and only concern is that would be the ideal President in furthering the ideals of our nation and assisting our people economically.

Let’s begin near the top of your line and appearance in the accusations associated with ladies abruptly appearing out of the woodwork to state that Donald Trump abused them in a intimate means. Where would be the authorities reports of those incidents? They might are discovered if there have been any. Where is any corroboration of those functions? We have actuallyn’t seen any.

The things I have experienced is a write-up when you look at the nyc Post of a guy coming ahead about an event for a flight a long time ago for which a female now claims that Donald Trump groped her in the trip. This guy states he had been a passenger within the instant vicinity, and that no such event took place.

What number of more of these women’s tales are absolute lies? You ought to have done a small fact-checking, Mr. Steier. All this is available.

The Clinton campaign managed to choose the FBI. Why couldn’t they buy some wom­en in order to make some apparently plausible sexual-abuse allegations, in addition to some election polls? Continue reading