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Mr. Brueggemann: That’s exactly right. Laughs

Ms. Tippett: You stated someplace an additional interview — I’m always a bit careful about quoting other interviews since they don’t constantly get in writing properly. But i needed to inquire of you about that outside them— you said that you really don’t think that’s about particularities of guilt or sin, but about a sense of impending chaos, which goes back to that first prophetic text you read because it’s very intriguing — that some of these sexual issues that are so galvanizing and so polarizing in our time in churches and. Will you be stating that men and women have a feeling of impending chaos, as well as some reason, perhaps mainly because things are incredibly intimate, this is just what they latch onto?

Mr. Brueggemann: That’s precisely what i believe. I’ve asked myself why, into the church, does the concern of gays and lesbians have such adrenaline. I’ve decided for myself that this means almost all of just exactly what we’re arguing about with gays and lesbians has nothing in connection with gays and lesbians. It is extremely that the globe isn’t the means we thought it had been likely to be. Continue reading