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Fun reality: There’s a differenciation for the reason that community for the droid term.

Android os is comin from the greek prefix “andr-” for males. It’s the word especially utilized for male-shaped/styled robots, whereas gynoid (gyno-) can be used for the feminine equivalent. These prefixes additionally got their-philia that are own. Androphilia could be the intimate attraction towards masculinity, and gynephilia feminity.


Attraction to transform someone / being changed as a statue.

Usually lived down with the aid of bodypaint, as well as in some instances once again hypnotherapy. Fantasywise usually lived down with art. Often also regarded as area of the ASFR, probably particulary the alt. Component.


Attraction to make someone / being changed into a little bit of furniture)

There are many different variants of this being lived down, with the aid of extravagant constructions, hypnotherapy, bondage, humiliation and so on. Continue reading