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A Frat Boy and a Gentleman

One researcher discovered that fraternities had been adopting “a more inclusive kind of masculinity, ” considering equality for gay males, respect for women, racial parity and psychological intimacy.

By Alexandra Robbins

Within a fraternity celebration at A west Coast university in 2016, a drunk child and a similarly drunk woman went as a bed room. Two freshmen noticed them get upstairs. They rounded up other pupils and discovered the few. One pupil, flanked because of the sleep as back-up, believed to the child: “Hey, guy? You can’t do that. ” Another pupil agreed to walk the lady home.

The students whom thwarted a crisis that is potential neither ladies nor users of a sexual attack understanding group; these people were freshman users of the fraternity that hosted the celebration. That they had been counseled by their chapter president, whom explained this tale, it was their mission to stop assaults that are sexual to take care of females appropriate.

Americans demonize fraternities as bastions of toxic masculinity where men that are young to indulge their worst impulses. Universities have actually cracked straight straight straight down: Since November 2017, a lot more than a dozen have actually suspended all events that are fraternity. But we spent significantly more than two years fraternity that is interviewing nationwide for a novel in what college students think it indicates to “be a guy, ” and the things I discovered ended up being usually heartening. Contrary to negative headlines and opinion that is popular numerous fraternities are motivating brothers to defy stereotypical hypermasculine criteria also to just be great individuals.

Start thinking about some current examples: In 2017, brothers in Beta Theta Pi during the University of Nebraska-Lincoln invited officers from a few sorority homes up to a supper where they chatted concerning the experiences to be a female on campus additionally the means males may help to stop intimate attack. Continue reading