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Why going back together with your daddy is certainly not a good idea – even when he is Tom Cruise

As Tom Cruise’s child turns down the chance to reside in their plush, luxury pad, we think she may have produced choice that is good

This week we found that Tom Cruise’s child has turned straight down the offer to maneuver in with him. Twenty-seven-year-old Bella life, along with her spouse, in a three-bedroom household in Croydon. Meanwhile, Tom lives near Downing Street in a Mission-Impossible-appropriate penthouse that is gleaming a pool and all sorts of the trimmings.

So just why, if perhaps you were Bella, could you maybe not fling a number of your modest belongings in to a Lidl case and obtain up to Dad’s gazillionaire’s pad, pronto? That is the concern we’re all allowed to be asking ourselves, whereas, exactly just what we’re really thinking is: “Yep. We’d stay put too, despite having the new rat problem”.

No disrespect to Tom Cruise, but exactly what child moves back along with her dad whenever her dad is a very rich and famous bachelor who knows precisely how he likes things?

There are plenty explanations why getting into a penthouse having a terrible concept – it is difficult to understand the place to start. Continue reading