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KFC’s dating sim cooks up fingerlickin’ Colonel Sanders romance, nevertheless the recipe feels off【Review】

The content is a creamy, cold mash with no gravy while the presentation sizzles like a chicken wing fresh from the fryer.

A confession: i will be a fan that is huge of games. The classic material, the codifiers associated with the genre, your Tokimeki Memorials and Love Pluses. There’s just something therefore compelling about a casino game where in fact the whole point is getting to learn fictional figures, learn their hopes and fantasies, and possibly — just possibly — autumn in love.

In the last few years we’ve seen the assumes on fictional schmoozing get wilder and much more esoteric, with among the landmarks being 2011’s Hatoful Boyfriend. In place of date a number of imaginary hunks or two-dimensional divas, you had been permitted to choose from a roster of… pigeons. Each lovey-dovey dove came with a fully fleshed out backstory despite the wacky premise and hilarious bird jokes. and in the event that you got every boy’s heart fluttering, you’d be addressed up to a secret ending that gave that you surprisingly meaty plot.

Which brings us to today’s piping hot offering: i enjoy You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Sim. KFC’s officially-licensed game released on September 24 to a wave of good acclaim from the Steam community. Also our reviewer that is japanese-language Meg it a chance, despite the game’s not enough languages besides English.

▼ Meg praised the game’s playability, layouts and Colonel trivia

Meg’s review just covered the first elements of the overall game but described an exciting cast of anime trope characters, the possibility for a employer battle in later chapters, not to mention, the opportunity to win one’s heart associated with school’s that is culinary dreamboat, Colonel Sanders. Continue reading