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Gold-buying organizations in Jacksonville: just exactly exactly What do they spend? The cost of silver is bouncing around record highs in current weeks.


The buying price of silver is bouncing around record highs in present days. And also the ads are every where: offer your silver. We purchase silver. Finest costs compensated right right right here.

Armed with a couple of bands, necklaces and earrings, we sought out, without pinpointing myself since a reporter, to see just what a couple of gold purchasers would provide for that handful that is small.

The values ranged from $412 to $500.

However these had been just four stores away from numerous. Bill Hatchett, owner of A-Coin & Stamp Gallery on St. Augustine path, estimates that, spurred by high silver costs, you will find 300-400 organizations purchasing silver in Jacksonville at this time. And therefore does not consist of those that are available from away from town and arranged store in a motel for a time or two.

There is apparently loads of business. Not just are individuals cleaning out dresser compartments and getting old jewelry, they may be offering the coins that are gold pubs they will have bought for investment within the last couple of years, Hatchett stated.

5 years ago, silver ended up being attempting to sell for $568 an ounce. Thursday, it had been at an archive a lot of $1,684.90. But do not expect buyers that are gold spend that.

They measure gold in pennyweights, or 1/20th a troy ounce, which can be just a little lower than the ounce that is traditional use for many dimensions.

Silver purchasers are paying $25-$32 per pennyweight for 14 karat silver, that is 58.3 per cent silver and typical in precious precious jewelry. Continue reading

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